Roxy's Rock shop LLC

2218 S Ridge Rd

Green Bay WI, 54304


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Big Party at Roxys June 4th and Sept. 10th. Music, Food, Vendors 

(920)-492-9800 (Gail)

New Store Hours:

Monday-Saturday: 10am to  5pm

Sun: 12noon to 5pm


Come on in and see our wonderful auctions over on Facebook where they're held every Wednesday 

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Roxy's Rock Shop Auctions

"Very Nice Store, Relaxing atmosphere, Helpful People and Beautiful Rocks. Thanks Again."


"Absolutely stunning. I, too, just received my second shipment from Gail. Something about her pieces. Absolutely exquisite. That Citrine is giving me goosebumps its so beautiful. Enjoy!."


"Thank you so much for the healing today. It helped a great deal. I am still visualizing the negativity going out of my feet and through the rods while the good replaces it."


We're a team of dedicated individuals who love what we do. Contact us to learn more!